The vineyards

Our vineyards are organically and sustainably managed and mainly cultivated with Glera, Pinot Grigio, Ribolla Gialla, Merlot, Pinot Nero and Traminer. They are located in the Friuli Grave DOC area and extend over approximately 132 hectares.
Thanks to the Guyot and free-cordon training system, the grape yield per hectare is quite low, to obtain the highest possible quality fruits.The grapes are harvested at the time of optimal ripeness, we do not apply herbicides and glyphosates are banned. We use grassing techniques, organic fertilization and the practice of green manure to replenish beneficial substances and protect the soil from erosion. 
The grapes are harvested during the coolest hours and at night, when they are more concentrated, resistant and compact, therefore easier to pick and transport avoiding the risk of breakage, early fermentation, oxidative phenomena and volatilization of aromas that would otherwise compromise the quality of the wine.

The cellar

The work in the cellar is carried out in accordance with tradition while using innovative technology.
The grapes are processed on three separate production lines.
Once harvested, they are gently pressed and an initial alcoholic fermentation takes place in the cellar to retain aromas, taste compounds, polyphenols, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and other beneficial elements.
The wine making process takes place in temperature-controlled, thermo-insulated stainless-steel tanks . An in-house laboratory allows us to carry out all routine analyses. Maximum sulphites reduction, very low residues and high quality are obtained thanks to the full control of the supply chain, all production processes are managed in-house from grape growing to bottling.


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