Authentic Friuli-Venezia Giulia Wines​

Franc Lizêr is a collection of dealcoholized wines that pays homage to the joy of celebrating life, freedom and health. We dedicate a specific attention toward respecting the winemaking tradition of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the north-eastern Italian region with a terroir particularly suited to grape growing and very well known for its outstanding wines.
A land where winemaking tradition and excellence of the climate and soil guarantee the production of iconic and unforgettable wines.

Zero Alcohol

Our aim is to offer a selection of refined dealcoholised wines to be enjoyed on every occasion without limitations and, in the meantime, to guarantee the experience of a real wine tasting.
Without Alcohol, the pleasure of an excellent wine remains, thanks to our careful and innovative home-managed production


The dealcoholization process of Franc Lizêr wines is carried thanks to an innovative system at room temperature. This process removes alcohol without altering the wine’s quality and aromatic profile. Only the Alcohol is, in fact, transferred into the extraction solution. This 100% Made in Italy and fully compliant process has undoubted advantages: absolute respect for the color, structure and aromas of the wine, together with the high reliability of the result.

Sustainability and Certifications

Respect for the environment, organic farming and preserving health: these are our choices, from the vineyard to the glass. Saving energy is pursued thanks to our solar panels, with whom we produce most of our energy demand, helping to reduce CO2 emissions. To avoid any waste of water, we use an underground irrigation system, which allows us to provide water only when needed after assessing the water stress of the vines. We do not use toxic pesticides and fertilizers, we have reduced the use of copper and banned glyphosates and all harmful chemicals.
We attract into the vineyards beneficial insects that antagonize parasites, we use GPS technology to monitor the health of the vines in the various areas to manage differentiated fertilization and harvesting. Drones and satellites support us in the study of soil geomorphology; GPS- equipped self-conducting and electric tractors help us to take care of the soil and defoliate the vines. Thanks to our efforts, we obtained several certifications for the commitment to the respect and protection of the environment.

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